2018 Group Calendar

Contact Tony Harry for more information: (906) 249-0906

Team Riders of marquette Activity list of Rides 2018

Hi everyone are first (team) riders orv club  meeting of the new year will be march 14th 7pm at the cross roads bar and restaurant at 480 & 553 co.rd. hope to seeya there lets talk about rides, new trails coming up,, trail  web site  and club meeting place.We also need help with the up coming event march 21st at Marquette Powersports . seeya at the meeting and thanks for all your support . 

Don,t forget the meet and greet your local atv/orv club march 21st 4 to 7pm Marquette power sports please where your team shirts/////////////////thanks everyone.

(Team)Riders next club meeting will be April 11th  7pm at the Hiawatha snowmobile club on 553 near the cross rd. hope to see everyone there. thanks for your support.

(team)riders next orv club meeting will be may 9th wed;night 7pm at the Forsyth snowmobile club between Gwinn and little lake on M-35 look for there sigh on the east side of the road. We will meet some of there members also,……. thanks for your support hope to seeya there……. lets set up some rides ………………

                                                       (TEAM)RIDERS ORV RIDE JUNE  9th 2018

hi everyone our next club ride planned will be for the month of June 9th  with the Alger sorva from Munising  we will trailer our machines to there club garage in Wetmore location up the hill from Munising which is behind holiday gas,station next to the motel behind also….look for the big tarp would be a better day to trailer them there so we don,t have a long ride home and more fun in the Munising area …are ride is taking off from Wetmore Alger sorva club at 10:am heading to the Thunderbowl for some fun in the sand and a nice ride on different trails.coming back for lunch ,,, we will have some thing eat at the Tanglewood restaurant on M28 in Shingleton ..if anyone wants to ride together i will take 94 over to Munising,,, i will meet them at the state parking area on us 41 and 94 highway,on that corner…. taking off from there around 8;30 am.. . call or email me if you still want to go…. so far 6 our going….thanks for your support….. 


                                                      MEETING IN JUNE

 Hi everyone our next (team)riders club orv meeting will be at the big boy restaurant in marquette  june 13th Wednesday  7;00pm in the back meeting room hope to seeya there have a great weekend coming up……

                                          ……… Marquette July 4th 2018 Parade ……
Theme for 2018 “You’re a Grand Old Flag” we will meet in office max parking alot again Wednesday, July 4th at 12:30pm to decorate our orv’s  parade starts at  2:00 PM – downtown Marquette……..


                                                               Skandia parade is july 21st 

Starts at 11:00am be there at 10:00am to decorate  at the Maple Lane Archery & Ski Center, Kreiger Drive, Skandia, MI meet in front of the field in front of the maple lane………..  

  Gwinn parade July 28th, 2018.   10 am parade start. meet on the road behind the school at 9;00am to decorate ….

                                                                  TEAM RIDES

We have a club ride for may 12th meet gwinn high school parking lot 10.00am gwinn to Arnold ride,,, eat at knoty pine and ride back.if its raining sunday will be the ride same time. the knoty pine does not open intell 12noon …..thanks for your support.

If you no any one that has a atv that they want to donate it to our club we have our 5013c and they can us it as a tax write off we need atv,s to work on trails for members that don,t have one please help thanks again for your support. tony harry president of (team)riders of marquette county 

**For any other rides wanting to go on contact Tony Harry at 249-0906 or jeff bloomhuff ride coordinators 362-5180