Team Effort

Silver Creek Trail


Our Partners

Team Riders Marquette partners with several organizations to ensure all who rides our trails have a safe and enjoyable time.

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors allow Team Riders Marquette to exist. Check out our sponsors by visiting the page below:

Mission Statement

Trail Riders Enthusiast Alliance of Marquette County, (T.E.A.M.) are a responsible group of people who are working to foster proper use and enjoyment of off road vehicles. As with motorcycles, ORV's are becoming a prominent part of our society. Our club is willing to help teach new riders in the proper operation, responsible trail usage and promote good relationships between the public, land owners and trail riders.

As with any sport, there are those who will cause damage. We all must do our part to keep the trails safe and in good repair.

We are currently working with other clubs as well as the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Marquette County Road Commission, the City of Marquette and other communities and private landowners to establish trailheads and routes through areas of interest and historical sights throughout the Upper Peninsula. Hopefully in the future we can also establish primitive camp sights for longer trips within the ORV trail systems.

It is our hope and dream for everyone to be able to enjoy our special bond with the area we call home.